Green Initiatives

We believe that taking care of the environment is one of our most important jobs. While recent media has shown the positive impact that green initiatives have on the environment, Designed Stairs has been conducting green-minded practices for almost three decades.

A large portion of our wood scrap gets reused by local residents and clubs such as Boy Scouts for campfires, craft and heating. Our sawdust is used at a local horse farm.

Sustainable Forestry

Sawdust is used as horse beddingAt Designed Stairs, we have been participating in sustainability for almost three decades.

We only purchase lumber from responsible suppliers who practice sustainable forestry. Our hardwood lumber grows in closely managed forests. The trees that are harvested are specifically selected to allow the forest to renew naturally. Since hardwood lumber is used in its natural state, there is little processing required compared to sheet goods (plywood) or man-made product, and the small amount of waste that is created by harvesting is all biodegradable or recyclable.

Museum of Science and Industry — Smart Home

Designed Stairs partnered with the Museum of Science and Industry to bring green stair design to the Smart Home

The Smart Home at The Museum of Science and Industry features interior staircases by Designed Stairs. These stairs feature a custom welded steel stringer with 4" thick Ash treads and a stainless-steel cable rail assembly.

We began the process with the specifications of the architects, and worked closely with them to develop a finished stair design that projected their desired design features, maximized the space requirements, and allowed for fabrication efficiency.