A stair is only as good as the parts it is made from and the expertise of those who designed and built it. At Designed Stairs we are masters of wood parts manufacturing, in addition to design. In the early years of our stair building history, we were dissatisfied with the quality and lead-times of stair parts available on the market. In an effort to increase the overall quality of staircases on the market, we started manufacturing our own stair parts. Soon we grew into one of the country’s premier premium parts supplier. By combining our experienced CAD design capability with our efficient CNC machinery and expert craftsman we produce high quality and cost effective, American-made, wood parts and components. From one piece to a container load, we custom manufacture parts to your exact specifications for any project from antique reproductions to one-of-a-kind architectural components and assemblies.

You name the piece. We can make it

  • Curved components of all kinds
  • Furniture components
  • One of a kind Turnings
  • Custom stair parts of all kinds
  • Custom Moldings & Trim
  • Wooden machinery parts
  • Instrument parts
  • Cabinet parts