Transforming Your Home by Installing a Hardwood Stair

We get many calls where people no longer want carpet on their stairs and what to upgrade to a custom hardwood stair.  What most people don’t realize is that stairs are a structural item.  Stairs don’t come out easily.  Replacing a stair is a a real remodeling project and not just a decorating project.   A first question is often “can you just leave in my stair and cover over it with hardwood.  In many cases we can (and sometimes we cannot).  Realize there are down sides to that covering an existing stair.  Here is a short blog to explain some pros and cons to consider. Once you are committed to a stair replacement, here is an idea of what to expect.   The old stair will be torn out and this usually means removing some drywall in the process. Consider hiring a contractor for the demo, new framing and drywall that is likely to be required.  At times there are surprises at tear out such as plumbing,  electric or duct work under the stair may need to be moved for a new stair design.   If you are living in the house, schedule the tear out just a day or two before the new stair is installed.  This will limit the time you do not have stair access to the 2nd fl. If you are not comfortable using a ladder for a day or two, consider sleeping elsewhere during the stair remodel.   Once the new stair is installed, drywall has to replaced, taped sanded and painted. The stair will need to be stained/painted.   Putting a new stair into your existing home will transform your homes interior like few other things can.


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