Timing is everything with a Curved Staircase Installation

Curved staircases like straight stairs, should be installed after your drywall is primed and before your finished flooring is laid. Curved staircases and rails take a considerable amount of time to build, so getting the stairs ordered early will help avoid any delays once your site is ready.  It is likely that you will need to place your curved stair order eight or more weeks before your site is drywalled. We all know the negative effects of scheduling too late; we wait and the job is delayed.   But in the case of a curved stair, scheduling it too early is just as bad.   Many of your curved components are glue laminated to curves that are specific to your framing.   Once fabricated it’s critical to get them installed quickly.   Installation ‘locks’ the curved parts into the position. On the other hand, once a curved staircase is fabricated, and the job site is not ready, there is no choice but to store the components.   Storing curved parts for any length of time can cause reactions from both pressure and atmospheric (weather) conditions that can actually change the shape of the parts.   As a minimum installation is more difficult, in the worse case, parts need to be remade. To ensure the best possible results, take extra care with your schedule and eliminate any storage possibilities during the process.
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