The Entry Experience; Incorporate Top Stair Trends

Open the door and…. WOW!! Whether you are listing your home for sale, remodeling, or building a new home, you want to make choices that increase the value of your investment. How important is your Entry Experience to the value of your home? Research indicates that a home-buyer makes their buying decision during the first two to three minutes upon entering a home. The entryway sets the expectation for what your visitor will experience in the rest of your home. It is the first and last impression you make to your guests. Entryways can be over looked in this day of designer kitchens and baths. This gives us an easy opportunity to make a knock-em-dead impression, with far less and effort and cost than other rooms. Your stair is likely the natural focal point in your entry. It sets the tone for the room. Update your stair style, just like you update furniture or cabinetry. Make sure both the color/finish of your stair and the style of your balustrade is up to date. The two most popular balustrade styles today are: metal balusters boxed/trimmed (square) newels. Increasing the WOW of your entry will not only create a more inviting welcome for your guests, it will enhance the marketability of your home. See more fabulous entry stair ideas.
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