Meticulous Design Details

The best way to design your staircase is to start at the planning stage, at print design. Designed Stairs offers expert design/layout services to Architects who are wanting to ensure their designs can be realized as a masterpiece. In these situations, the design starts with the desired end result. Every detail and intersection is designed; next the stair layout is finalized, and last the floor space and framing required is determined. Our process ensures every detail of design, fit and structure of the stair and balustrade are planned out for the perfect desired results.

Planning the stair layout into the framing and exact locations within the room is often required in the highest end design applications. In this situation, the location of where the curved stair starts was critical. A number of design elements had to be coordinated and planned for, before framing started. Utilizing Designed Stairs expert design services, framing details are done to direct framing and coordinate other trades around the stair.


Each plane of balustrade was individually laid out for balance, proportion and emphasis. The client requested that the rail have straight lines, without rail fittings, and wanted the rail to go over the top of the newels. This was achieved by moving the location and changing the height of the newels.


Reproduction work requires meticulous attention to details. This Victorian balustrade called for the exact replication of the original rail system that was built in the 1920s. Designed Stairs carefully dimensioned each of the original components, created new CAD drawings, then fabricated a perfectly reproduced balustrade. The original feel of the home's interior was preserved as well as the original Architect's design.