Quote to Order Process

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Getting a Quote

Define the Layout

To request a quote from a print, e-mail us your full set of plans.

If you don't have plans, we can quote from a dimensioned drawing.

For remodel, send photos of the stair area to be remodeled. Include as many photos as necessary to show the entire stair area including the starting tread, and any horizontal rail all the way to the wall. We only need close up photos if you want reproduction styles quoted.

Define the Styles and Materials

Go to selections to look at what styles you would like your quote in.

Our standard materials to quote are red oak and poplar. These are stocked and available as the best value. For other species, see our Materials page.

Design / Layout

Design / Selections

We offer full design/support services for selections, whether you want to come to our showroom in Sandwich, Illinois, Read more …or have a remote meeting via our website. We are happy to start from your concept or inspiration images and review both stock or custom-designed styles to align with your budget and design goals.
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After getting the field dimensions, layout can begin. Every principle of design is considered within the framework Read more …of your specific application. Our vast experience in stair design allows us to visualize each and every joint, intersection, miter, and connection to make sure that your design results in the ultimate combination of strength and beauty.
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Order / Schedule


At this point you should have carefully read your quote/contract. If anything is unclear to you, please call and let's review Read more …those items. Sign the quote and return it to us. Deposits (50%) can be made by sending a check (allow 10 days) or for faster processing either: click here, or send us an image of your check.
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Proper timing of the installation of your stair is key to a successful outcome. Schedule your installation Read more …for after your drywall has been primed. The drywall process can cause damage to the stair. Drywall mud and paint overspray can damage an unfinished hardwood staircase. Also, schedule before your flooring goes in. We will then wait to install the stair after the flooring job is complete.

When scheduling other trades, remember when we are installing a stair, no one will have access to get up and down floor levels while we are working. It is best to schedule Designed Stairs when no access to the stair area is needed. Ask us to find out how many days you should allow for stair installation. Due to our shop fabrication of kits, our time on site is a fraction of other stair companies, who deliver un-fabricated parts.

Our backlog is typically 3 to 6 weeks (can be longer at times). Make sure you order in plenty of time to get the install date you want!
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