Stair Install - Assembled - Kits


Installed Full service installation starts with our Technical Salesperson measuring your job site. The best installers in the industry install your stair efficiently and couresously, and finish with a 22 point quality check. A turn key process!


Assembled Stairs may be delivered in our truck, or crated and shipped worldwide. By filling out a framing detail we verify your site dimensions, walls to match your job site walls are constructed at our site, and your stair is built to those wall. This ensures perfect fit – for all stairs – whether you’re in Illinois or Japan All shapes and styles are available assembled..


Fabricated Kits By filling out a framing detail we verify your site dimensions. Engineering lays out your stair and defines the more complex items to fit. These items are then fabricated, to take some of the field difficulty out of your installation.
  • Stringers cut and routed
  • Rails attached to rail fittings
  • Treads and risers cut to length
  • Starting Tread assembly cut to length
Plain Kits By selecting a catalog stair # or sending us your plan we can give you a kit price for all the parts needed for you to build your stair.