Keys To Designing An Elegant Circular Stair

No one designs a curved staircase for the simple purpose of getting from one floor to another; there are other, much more practical ways of getting that done if you don't care what it looks like. A curved staircase is an enduring statement of elegance and one of the most functional pieces of art in the realm of human design. If elegance is what you are after, there are a few keys that will get you there. First, will be the proper placement of the staircase into the structure, which should be addressed at the earliest stages of design work. How will the staircase effect spaces immediately surrounding it? How will the stair be viewed from the entry to the home or from the side through adjoining rooms? Does the staircase offer a welcoming angle at the base and have a stunning angle of ascent to the second floor above? Second, is the allowance of space. If the proper amount of room is not considered to allow a stair to be built with geometric consistency and adherence to proper safety codes, even the most knowledgeable stair designer will not be able to deliver the elegance you had envisioned. The third key to a "knock-out" curved stair design will the "Design Details" that you choose to add to the solid geometry of the staircase. The styling of your handrail, newels and balusters will be critical to the finish feel that the stair portrays, and the inclusion of over-sized starting treads, descending volutes, bowed tread noses and other design details will help push it over the top.
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