Finest Techniques, Joinery, and Construction

Designed Stairs Joinery Exceeds Our Competition, Due To Our Shop Fabrication

Stair companies typically do most of their work at the job site. At Designed Stairs we have a fabrication shop that pre-cuts and fits components to a high degree of precision. Our shop fabrication simply can't be matched by work done in the field. Designed Stairs quality standards and shop fabrication methods deliver the highest quality joinery you can find in the stair industry. Our work follows the highest level of Architectural Woodwork Institute quality standards.

The added benefit of our fabrication is we are on and off the job considerably faster. You can get your next trade in and complete your job faster!

The exacting fit is standard in every Designed Stairs stair.


Unique Stair Construction Methods

Designed Stairs is The Innovative Leader in Stair Design. We have developed many systems that provide a better quality product. Some are now widely used by other stair companies, while others are proprietary to Designed Stairs.

The system of locking newels into the stair structure was created by Designed Stairs, Inc. This method provides greater stability than the old way of bolting newels.

The Designed Stairs system of pinning iron balusters creates superior stability, fit and finish over the method used by other stair companies.

The industry standard method is to drill a large hole, then insert glue to secure the baluster. A boot must then be used to cover up the large hole and glue. This method is far less stable and will not last as long as the Designed Stairs' method.

Our Installers: The Best Of The Best

Designed Stairs employs the best of the best professional stair installers. Our Installation team has an average of 15 years with the company and over 24 years in the trades.

Each stair follows our own exacting quality standards, which meet or exceed the quality standards set forth by AWI. Before we leave the site, every stair must pass a rigorous 22-point quality check

Our Installation team understands the needs of our clients and works to assure your total satisfaction.