Design Services


Don’t let your stair construction get off on the wrong foot! Let us help you with accurate plans and expert engineering guidance. Custom Stair Layouts for Architects By providing us with the space allotted for the stair on your floor plan, we can offer you a buildable layout that will meet stair codes. We can also provide framing detail to ensure the exact stair drawn is carried through to the framing dimensions. Get help with Curved Design / Engineering Complex curved and freestanding stairs may face challenging engineering and/or geometry issues. We can provide you with the entire stair layout or consult on a layout you have developed. In more complex stairs we suggest framing details for better construction clarity in the field.


When it comes to stair design, the “devil is in the details”. We make sure that you have site framing that takes into account all the specifications and won’t provide any nasty surprises. Framing details for stair well
  • Having problems determining how to frame for the stair on your plan?
  • Uncertain if the stair you are planning will be stable?
  • Have windows or lighting on your stair wall, and need exact specifications for their location?
From your plan or sketch, we will layout your stair in detail suitable for production, and we will provide you a coordinating framing detail. This detail will direct you on the well opening size and all wall lengths (and thicknesses) required to align perfectly to your stair layout. This can also be done in reverse, where you supply us the existing well size and we will layout the stair(s) that will fit. For times when a site visit is necessary, we will mark out the layout directly on the framing.


Put your stair layout in the hands of qualified experts at Designed Stair. Stair building isn’t typically a DIY project. Likewise, even professional stair builders can get “stuck” on a layout they haven’t done before. Call on us for all your stair design and layout needs. At Design Stairs we can handle everything from stair layout to a complete kitted stair including patterns for stringer cuts, winder tread and other stair parts. We offer full expert service for all your stair needs.


Get the best in the business on your side. We offer expert consultation service regarding stair layout, engineering and construction. Contact us for complete details.