Design Services

Don't let your stair construction get off on the wrong foot!
Let us help you with accurate plans and expert engineering guidance.

Who benefits from Designed Stairs Layout and Design Services?

  • Architects wanting to verify the accuracy of a complicated stair design.
  • Designers replacing an existing stair with a different layout.
  • Stair builders or trim carpenters in need of confirmation of their plans.
  • Metal fabricators needing assistance with curved stair design and shop drawings.
  • Builders needing exact stringer locations to coordinate window and electrical locations.
  • Anyone developing a "freestanding" or "self-supporting" stair design.

From Your Plan or Sketch

Designed Stairs, Inc. can produce comprehensive staircase plans to the detail level that you require. Starting with a basic "plan-view" layout, we can deliver detailed elevations and shop drawings with exact joinery specifications. These services can provide verification and assurance to your stair project whether it is a complicated curved stair or a simple straight design.

Once your stair plans are complete, we can also provide framing details to make sure that your framing dimensions will be compatible with the stair plans and communicated to your framing crew.

Contact Us

Contact us with your floor plans and we will put together a quote for providing you with a complete, code-compliant stair design.