Curved Stair Specialists

Properly designed, a curved staircase requires complex geometry, engineering, and highly specialized woodworking skills that take many years to acquire and perfect. The art and science of tangent hand railing, creating graceful curving handrail sections from solid wood, is something only a handful of craftsmen in the U.S. can create. At Designed Stairs we have built nearly 5,000 well-designed curved stairs and railings.

Design Services

Designed Stairs offers expert custom design/layout services to Architects who are wanting to assure their plans meet the space needs and design details to achieve a curved masterpiece.
Our client had very specific design requirements, including glass balusters, descending stringer drums, stacked starting treads and the custom floor borders, all of which required meticulous details and communication between trades.
Our client envisioned a staircase with a floating wall. They specifically wanted a “smooth” rail without any fittings or interruptions in it. Designed Stairs integrated a ‘half wall’ which is supported off the stair. Our artisans handcrafted the complex wall cap and rails following age-old tangent hand railing geometry.