Confidence Begins With Experience
With Designed Stairs, you never have to worry. Over 48 years of experience and proven customer satisfaction ensure your staircase will be second to none.
Meticulous Design Details
Whether we are designing a Production stair, Reproduction work, or designing a Masterworks for an upper bracket home, our process ensures every detail of design, fit and structure of the stair and balustrade are planned out for the perfect desired results.
Curved Specialists
The art and science of tangent hand railing creating graceful curving handrail sections from solid wood, is something only a handful of craftsmen in the U.S can create. At Designed Stairs it is part every curved stair we design and build.
Engineering Excellence
Stairs can be massive works of art that rise, twist and create unique abstracts from every viewing point. This caliber of stair requires more; the hands of a craftsman, the mind of an engineer and the eye of an artist. At Designed Stairs we understand this, and it is part of every masterpiece we create.
Finest Techniques, Joinery and Construction
True staircase craftsmanship is rarely found. The skill level from one person to the next or from one stair company to the next is highly variable; not so, at Designed Stairs. At Designed Stairs we created the standards of excellence in stairs for others to follow.